The past four years spent at Bloomsburg University are years we will never forget. They taught us who we are, who we want to be and where we want to go. Becoming a senior at any university may be one of the most bittersweet things we have come to face thus far in our 22 years of life. We must leave behind a place we call home, friends and roommates who have become family, and professors, faculty and staff who have been a friendly face since day one. However, as the Bloomsburg University class of 2015 prepares for the end of senior year, we start to look forward to what our future holds.

Hannah Reifer, studying abroad in Africa
Hannah Reifer, visiting a Pigme Village in Western Africa

Hannah Reifer, senior and Marketing major, will be traveling to Africa for 10 months to teach after graduation. She stated, “I actually studied abroad in Africa through a program at Bloomsburg, which changed my life and made me want to go back.”

Danielle Iandiorio, senior and Public Relations major, hopes to find a job working with celebrities, or professional athletes. “Hopefully I can get an internship somewhere in New York City. I really want to learn more about the celebrity scene rather than just corporate,” she stated.

Danielle Iandiorio, shadowing alumna, Nicole Fountain, at MetLife Stadium
Danielle Iandiorio, shadowing alumna, Nicole Fountain, at MetLife Stadium

As some students continue to travel the world, join the military, enter grad school or start a career, we as Bloomsburg University alumni, will always look back on our time here with a smile, and be forever grateful for this place we were lucky enough to call home for the past four years.

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