New Trend in Hair: Zig-Zags?

Seventeen Magazine swears that Zig-Zag hair is the newest and hottest trend in hair that will have everyone obsessed. Crimped hair has been making a comeback and a new hot iron by Glampalm, the Glampalm ZIGZAG Styling Iron, takes crimpy hair to a new level.

The tool retails at $185, and according to Glampalm’s website, it “creates otherwise unattainable and perfectly uniform, texturized waves.” The tool creates zig-zag-like crimps in one’s hair, creating a unique effect that Seventeen says would have made Lizzie McGuire (queen of crimpy hair) proud. The style achieved by the new hot iron creates a crimped hair effect with a lot more edge. This new edgy approach to crimpy hair takes an intimidating looking tool, but the tutorial video makes it seem easy enough to make the “interesting designs” in one’s hair.

Instagram models have been posting images along with ads for the new hot iron tool, rocking their zig-zaggy crimps. Some of the models have funky colored hair, showing off the edgy factor even more. Something to be noted though is that the models all have decently long hair, so short-haired beauties, try this style at your own risk.

This zigzag hair iron takes crimped hair into the 21st century. #zigzag #insiderbeauty @glampalmusa

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Aside from these posts though, social media hasn’t seemed to catch on to Seventeen’s acclaimed “obsession” with the new hair trend. A quick search on Twitter and Pinterest for “zig zag hair” returns few results. However, the trend may just be getting started, and the Glampalm ZIGZAG Styling Iron could be the next Wand curling iron. Who knows?

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