Brick buildings and old school vibes are what Bloomsburg University is known for. Although Bloomsburg University’s dormitory halls and education buildings are being constructed to be more modern year by year, Bloomsburg has never had a building so chic on its campus before. “When I heard Bloomsburg was building a new dorm, I was a little angry because I had just moved out of the dorm and into an apartment in the town, but then I heard new dining places will be there too, so it made me feel a little better about it,” sophomore Gabby Bachman stated. In 2017, the new residence hall (which replaced the old mail room, bookstore, and campus police) will be opened and house over 394 students in the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.

In this hall, there will be 135 suites which breaks down to 11 single rooms, 37 double rooms, 39 triple rooms, and 48 quad rooms. This new dormitory hall is bigger than any dorm on campus. The new 163,000 square foot residence hall is hard to miss on your way up to class and what makes this building even more striking is the fact that it will be the home of two new dining facilities on campus. The two nationally known restaurants to be put in the new hall are Chick-fil-A and Qdoba Mexican Eats. Senior Evan Brown stated, “I’m really jealous of this new dorm because of Chick-fil-A and Qdoba. All these new buildings on campus and in town are making me bitter about graduating in May.”

Junior Kayla Clarke explained, “I’m really excited about this dorm even though I will not be able to live in it. It’s nice that Bloomsburg is creating another dorm because when I was a freshman, the dorms were so crowded and it felt like all my friends were tripled. Being tripled does not seem bad until you are trying to squeeze three peoples worth of stuff in one small room.” The last time Bloomsburg University constructed on a dorm was in 2012: Elwell Hall. Although this new hall will not be finished until Aug. 2017, the design has been set since April of 2015. Surprisingly, it only took Bloomsburg University eight months to create this big of a project. A name for this hall has not been chosen yet, so the anticipation is raising some brows. For more information about Bloomsburg University’s new dormitory hall, please visit the Office of Residence Life‘s home page.