Coach Makes a Return to “New Girl”

Quirky FOX sitcom, New Girl, has time and time again surprised viewers with new, interesting characters that twist the plot. To the audience’s astonishment, though, New Girl has aired the return of the classic character, Coach, in its third season on this past Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Scene from the latest New Girl episode.
Aired on Tuesday, Nov. 5

Damon Wayans Jr. starred as Coach in the Pilot of New Girl, along with Zoey Deschanel, in its first season. Though his role was portrayed as a main character, and good friend to the roommates, many were shocked  that he was not in the second episode, or any of the following seasons for that matter.

Wayans Jr. left New Girl to fulfill his contract for a second season with ABC show Happy Endings. According to, FOX decided to bring on Lamorne Morris as Winston, the new roommate which would replace Coach, rather than re-filming the pilot. Morris has been a hilarious Winston to New Girl for the past two and a half seasons and will continue to be part of the cast, as well.

According to IGN, Wayans Jr. will stay on the set of New Girl for the remainder of the third season as the beloved, long lost roommate. It is possible, though, that Wayans Jr. will not be a part of New Girl’s fourth season if his most recently planned project, a FOX original television comedy called Man/Child, is picked up.

There will be more bunny money, strip clubs, and drunken madness to come in following episodes of New Girl. Catch it every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on FOX.