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Sizzle Reel: Your Teacher’s OnlyFans? Amish Exposed? A Gator in Philly? 

Premiered Oct 13, 2023: This week on The Sizzle Reel we inform you about a teacher and her Onlyfans , yet another humiliating NFL defeat, a hardcore Phillies fan being denied entry, and more!

Producer/Director: Ryan DePiero

Script by: Jonas Aultz

Crew: Maddie Bolger, Nic Copenhaver, Wes Miler, Addie Sondberg

Anchors: Micah Warren, Christian Thomas

“Coop!”: David Reed Cooper

Teleprompter: Gracey-mae Baker

Editor: Ryan DePiero

The Sizzle Reel is a weekly news review show produced by Bloomsburg University’s National Broadcast Society.