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Sizzle Reel: Micro-chip in your brain? Nikki vs. Thee Stallion? Is it Purdy Time?

Screenshot from video of Nic Copenhaver and Maddie Bolger.

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Feb 10, 2024: This week on The Sizzle Reel we inform you about the latest tech developments, the story of the Superbowl, Nikki vs. Thee Stallion, and more!

Director: Ryan DePiero

Editor: Nic Copenhaver, Ryan DePiero

Script by: Nic Copenhaver

Anchors: Maddie Bolger, Nic Copenhaver

Teleprompter: Wes Miller

Cameras: Zachary Karchin

The Sizzle Reel is a weekly news review show produced by Bloomsburg University’s National Broadcast Society.



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