Bloomsburg Fair vendor Lawrence Betsinger has been selling flags for about 45 years now. However, this year his stand brought a lot of controversy due to the Nazi flag he put on display. Facebook user Chloe Winters wrote a heartfelt post, which was later taken down by Facebook, on the issue.14468213_10210405461954378_6239935787691280806_o

Winters was not the only person who was appalled to see the flag hanging at the fair; many others went to social media with their opinion on the flag as well.

These disheartening tweets were just several among many posts online about the matter. Concern over the flag caused fair officials to check out the vendor, and later put their own post up on Facebook.


Along with two bandannas, fair officials confiscated 32 offensive flags.lawrence-b

Upon learning that the vendor, Lawrence Betsinger, was a registered sex offender, Betsinger was removed from the fairgrounds.