NASA releases “Moon Music” Recordings to the Public

You know what’s cool? Music. You know what else is cool? Space. Hearing music while orbiting in space? Not cool.

On Feb. 22, the press learned that in 1969, the men of the Apollo 10 mission had more interesting stories of their travels then what they originally said.

What CNN is calling “outer space type music,” the astronauts on the 1969 Apollo 10 mission were puzzled when they encountered strange “music” while orbiting in space.


In 2008, a written conversation between two of the astronauts, Eugene Cernan (pictured left) and John Young, was released to the public. It wasn’t until the past few weeks that the audio has been released. You hear the astronauts talking as well as that strange whistling sound they are referencing.

In the recording, the “music” sounds almost like strong winds. This recording is also over 45 years old so the quality may be distorted a bit.

Here is the written conversation between Cernan and Young:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.13.54 PM

Why was this held from the public or so long? According to the video that was attached to a CNN article, NASA with holds information from the public if it is for their best interest. They did not want to frighten the people on Earth with a discovery they weren’t even sure about.

(If you would like to listen to the recording, the whistling starts around 2:07.)

The Apollo team wanted this to remain secret not only to protect the people of earth, but for future Apollo missions as well. If something like this got out, future trips to outer space may have been halted.

According to BBC, “the moon has no magnetic field and not enough atmosphere to cause these sounds.”

Other astronauts from previous and future Apollo missions said that they also heard those weird noises. They mostly occured when the astronauts were orbiting the dark side of the moon; and I don’t believe it was the popular Pink Floyd album they were hearing. Besides, that album wasn’t released until 1973, four years after this strange phenomenon.

From BBC,

Michael Collins, the pilot of Apollo 11, says he also heard the noises when flying around the “dark side” of the Moon but was told by engineers that it was just radio interference.

So, was it just radio interference, some sort of alien life, or maybe David Bowie? Who knows.
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