Mysterious Happenings on Campus

Frothing FountainSomething strange occurred on campus on Tuesday, Oct.  26.  Around 5 p.m..  That evening the fountain began foaming white. What is normally a peaceful spouting fountain became a bubbling frothing monster for all the campus to see. What is the cause of this? Does this have any connections to the other odd occurrences happening this week?  If so, what is next?

The fountain continued to bubble well into the afternoon and as the sun began to set students were seen playing in it, braving the chilly water for a chance to have a foam fight. When asked how the fountain got this way, many students said they saw a male student walk up to the fountain and dump a load of liquid soap in. Yet nobody could identify the student. By the time the fountain was in bloom the magician was well on their way.

The day before, Monday Oct. 25, began on a humorous note.  All of the buildings on Bloomsburg’s campus had been renamed after the buildings of the wizard school, Hogwarts, from the cinematic series “Harry Potter.”  You could get medication from the “Room of Requirement” and walk through the “chamber of secrets.”  Many of the dorms are going along with the scheme and have taken to naming themselves.  Luzerne Hall has been dubbed Gryffindor, and if you wander around campus it isn’t too tough to find Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

Evening FountainCould this be the week of Harry potter magic? After all, The movie is coming soon! Or might a bubbling fountain be one prankster’s version of a fun way to get ready for more Halloween pranks. Some have even suggested it could be in connection with Breast Cancer awareness month. One thing is for sure; students are all wondering what will happen next. What do you think? Is there any connection between the two, or is it all hocus pocus? What do you think will be next?
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