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What Type of Music Does Your Dog Prefer?

Let’s all be honest here, every dog owner has played his or her dog music and assumed they’ve enjoyed it.  If you have, you’re not far off from the idea that they do enjoy it. In fact, dogs relax while listening to music according to a recent study done by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow.

Dogs even have a preference to which type of music they like with reggae being the top stress reducing genre and soft rock coming in second. The University of Glasgow and the SPCA tested dogs in kennels with heart monitors that showed the stress levels dropping while being paired with different types of music. They tried all different kinds of music such as Motown, pop and classical.

“Overall, the response to different genres was mixed, highlighting the possibility that like humans, our canine friends have their own individual music preferences,” “That being said, reggae music and soft rock showed the highest positive changes in behavior,” according to Neal Evans.

With the evidence that has been discovered, the Scottish SPCA is considering putting music in all their kennels, which in turn would relieve the stress on shelter dogs. Dogs who are relaxed and interactive with people have a higher chance of being adopted. The SPCA wants dogs to have a good experience while in the shelter.