What Color is your Music Taste?


You can’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes you can judge an album based on its art.

Predominant.ly is a new music interface that allows users to search for music by album color. It revives the thrill of searching through records to find one based solely on the album art.

The newly developed website was created by Open Work, a design collective made up of four designers.

“In the days of iTunes and Spotify, our primary interfaces to our music look like spreadsheet apps,” says the website. “They make it less likely that we would find something that falls outside of our normal musical tastes, something that lets us broaden our horizons, or expand our musical base.”Within a spectrum of colors, the user can select any color from the website to search through over 148,000 albums on iTunes. As the name suggests, the user will find albums that are the majority of that color.792aa221a2ea1801aabe6fed3baa6812

Selecting colors like “periwinkle blue” or “fire-engine red” will bring multiple albums together, united by the aesthetic regardless of genre. Many genres, however, generally stick to certain color schemes based on a few searches through the database.

To filter the results, you can select any genre under that color.  From pop to metal to reggae, thumbnails of albums will pop up that will satisfy any taste.

Once you find an album that appeals to you, Predominant.ly gives you a track listing alongside a short preview of the songs. There is also a direct link to the album on iTunes.

Album art is an essential part of most avid music listener’s collections. The art can make or break the initial reaction to an album. Through this site, users can sample different albums solely based on the aesthetic rather than reputation.