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Top 10 Heavy Metal songs for tough times EP: 2

Part two of a 10-part series.

Beg for Me” – Korn

“Beg for Me” starts out with a military style drumline which gets enhanced by many guitars. This is interrupted by a sudden drum breakdown which leads into a heavy drop of a James “Munky” Shaffer guitar riff, extremely gritty bass from Reginald Arvizu, and of course, David Silveria on the drums. Singer Jonathan Davis hops on the track with a combination of yelling, singing which turns into a mix of monotone talking and a high pitch whisper in between lyrics. The first of the lyrics sang through this unique combination are the words “I can’t get out of bed, there is evil, in my heaaaad.” This line refers to the anxiety that Jonathan dealt with during the making of “Issues.” The first verse ends with the lyrics, “Because when I hit the stage, it is gone and I am free.”

The chorus hits with the same breakdown in the beginning of the song with JD triumphantly yelling and singing the lyrics “God****, you say you’ll get up for me! You’re the crowd, come on give it back to me! you won’t beg for me, beg for me, beg for me!”

The chorus is the driving point behind the song which Davis further elaborated on during an interview. “‘Beg for Me’ is more of an angry thing because the whole thing for ‘Beg for Me’ is the crowd. The only time I was good on tour was when I walked up onstage and that’s what the song is about. Feeling wanted is something, one thing I’ve always needed. I was shuffled around so much when I was a kid… being up onstage was the only point, the only time when my anxiety would go away for an hour.”

Immediately after the second chorus, the third verse begins with JD wincing the lyrics, “I feel the shame I’m not insane! The things I feel now aren’t the same! Who gives a f***, if my life sucks? I just know one day I won’t give up!” My personal interpretation of this verse is that Jonathan feels shame for having so much anxiety. Individuals who suffer from anxiety tend to feel shame about their condition even though it is extremely normal, and many people deal with it. It almost feels like a burden to others to some who suffer from anxiety. JD is saying he does not want pity for having a life that sucks, hence the lyrics, who gives a f***. Finally, knowing that you will not give up in life no matter what is liberating. I see that final line of verse three as seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark the tunnel may be.

My thoughts and ways that this song helps during rough times is extremely simple. I love The Rock’s analogy of having an anchor in your life. This anchor is an activity that everything in your life mainly revolves around. Anchors can come in a wide array of forms including listening to music, exercising, going out with friends, meditation, reading, drawing, writing, watching YouTube, etc. Combatting anxiety can be an immense struggle, especially when you seemingly have no direction to go. However, when you have an anchor (the stage for JD) in your life which can take your mind off of everything for a portion of time, it makes anxiety less powerful, easier to suppress and also easier to deal with.