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Same Day Album Release for Travis Scott & Post Malone

Same Day Release for Travis Scott & Post Malone. Graphic by Carly Busfield.

On July 28th, 2023, the two musical artists Travis Scott and Post Malone have released their new albums, “UTOPIA” and “Austin”.

Post Malone is a versatile hip-hop and pop artists, with a talent to play other genres. Many fans are awaiting a more country-like song from him in the future. Travis Scott is more of a rapper with an innovative hip-hop blend.

The two artists have a large fanbase who have been awaiting the release of these new albums.

Were the albums worth the wait? How was their initial turnout?

According to Variety, the rapper, Travis Scott’s, “UTOPIA” album was well worth the wait and a redemption for the artist since the Astroworld incident a few years ago.

Writers, Yousef Srour and Jem Aswad, share, “Then, he was a fast-rising Houston rapper — now, he’s a global superstar whose image was badly tarnished by the deaths at last year’s Astroworld disaster. As his first release since then, “UTOPIA” couldn’t afford to be anything but a major musical advancement, and he’s delivered.”

As for Syracuse-based artist Post Malone, his newest album is named for his own namesake, Austin Richard Post. He has a devoted fan base and has received positive reviews for his distinct style and captivating stage presence.

This is the fifth studio albums for both artists. An interesting aspect is the duo has done a song together in the past titled “Really Love You”.

Initial Turnout

Scott’s 19-track album and Post’s 17-track album have been shared across all social media platforms, especially stories.

According to Medium, “Hip-hop, rock, and pop elements are combined in Post Malone’s musical approach on the Austin album. He skillfully switches between catchy choruses and melodic rap lines to provide an alluring auditory environment. Additionally, the album includes joint efforts with well-known musicians like Travis Scott and Halsey, giving the sound a richer and more varied quality.”

“UTOPIA” has a strong foundation with its many features by notable artists, while “Austin” is more original and closer to home to the artist.

Variety shared, “Among them are some of the industry’s most lauded hitmakers: Featured singers, rappers and speakers include Beyonce, Drake, the Weeknd, Bad Bunny, SZA, Kanye West, Future, Pharrell, 21 Savage, Young Thug, Dave Chappelle, Playboi Carti, Bon Iver, Swae Lee, Kid Cudi and James Blake.”

Found in online research, “UTOPIA” has initially reached over 100 million plus streams on all listening platforms, and will keep skyrocketing through the next week.

Listen to the New Albums

A preview of “Austin” by Post Malone.
A preview of “UTOPIA” by Travis Scott.



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