Playlist for Autumn

Fall has been upon us for a few weeks now, and I find that the changing of the seasons often shifts my state of mind. No longer can I laze carefree in the warm halls of summer, listening to summery tunes. Fall instills in me a very a broad range of emotion and therefore requires a special kind of playlist. If you find yourself in need of some good fall tunes to listen to for the next couple of months, look no further. BUnow has an excellent autumn playlist to cover every aspect of the season we all know and love.

Where did the summer go? For most people I know, the beginning of autumn is a very bittersweet time. Summer vacation, with its beautiful weather and general lack of responsibility, is always sorely missed once it’s gone…

… But of course we’re also totally amped about going back to school. Seeing our friends, late nights out, an escape from home life, college sports… And the weather in early September is some of the nicest all year. It started all in early September…

Memories of times spent away vanish into the sun. I remember during my first fall semester here as a freshman I spent a lot of my time walking around town and just exploring Bloom while it was still an entirely new place to me. Fall is a great time to wander while it’s not too cold and the responsibilities of class haven’t  piled up as high as they will in the months to come. Of course, for those of us returning for our upperclassman years, seeing the mountains and the golden nipple of Carver Hall is just like greeting an old friend.

I’m finally realizing that home, it doesn’t have an address. As fall wears on for the freshman, they begin to fall into what will likely become long-time friendships. The initial homesickness wears off and Bloom starts to feel a lot like home. Upperclassmen often have a similar experience adjusting to a new home when moving out of the dorms for the first time.

It all began with a burst, every several months… 
I don’t think anyone can really dislike the beauty of fall foliage. Brilliant red and gold hues suddenly appear on every tree in Bloom this time of year. And we have a lot of trees.

Inside this place is warm, outside it starts to pour. 
After a while, hot weather kind of gets old. And the transition here in Bloomsburg is a rough one, as it can be cold when you wake up for morning classes but muggy when you’re walking home from your afternoon classes. Not to mention that Bloomsburg rain. But when consistent sweater weather finally does arrive, it’s definitely welcomed.

If I had my little way, I’d eat peaches every day… Where I’m from, fruit is a big deal. The fall harvest of apples and peaches (and pumpkins, for all you girls sipping on Starbucks out there) is celebrated, and with good reason. These things are juicy, delicious, and good for you. Hit up the farmers’ market on lower campus every Friday while the fruit is still good for the taking.

Some parts of autumn are kind of a bummer. For example, all of those beautiful leaves finally die and fall to the ground eventually. But hey, then you can rake them all into a pile and jump in so it’s not all bad after all.

It certainly wouldn’t be a weekend in Bloomsburg if there weren’t a bunch of post-teen tipsy zombies wandering around into the wee hours of the morning. The Bloom night life in fall is particularly great because it’s not unbearably cold quite yet and people are still willing to be outside (though most Huskies are proud to say that not even Bloomsburg winters can slow them down). Oh, and did I mention Halloween?

…You had a fun summer, but it’s suddenly colder. Fall is kind of a magical season that transports us from warm days to cold ones, from golden leaves to brown ones, from hanging outside on the quad to cozy indoors on the couch. It’s my favorite season and definitely a great one to spend in Bloomsburg.

That about wraps up this autumn playlist. What songs would you include in your own fall playlist? What did you think of this one? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for listening!



Nick Cellucci

On Campus Editor, Head of Radio Production & staff writer for BUnow. Creative Communicator, Mass Communications major / Professional Writing minor, BloomU Class of 2016.