This album has been long-awaited for country music fans. Brothers Osborne came out of nowhere in 2015 with their single, “Stay a Little Longer.” They released their first album, “Pawn Shop” in 2016 and have won multiple awards for being country’s best new duo.

Their sophomore album “Port Saint Joe,” when listened to from beginning to end, flows seamlessly. Each track blends right into the next, making it extremely satisfying and soothing to listen to.

Some songs on this album test the boundaries of country, adding a blues and funk flair to multiple tracks. Give it a listen and see what you think.


  1. Slow Your Roll

A song reminding you to stop and smell the roses, in a more sarcastic way. This song has a very old-timey vibe with the plucky standup bass, multiple acoustic and electric guitars, and a hint of organ. The song starts out with some soothing ocean sounds, then bumps right into a mid-tempo beat that makes you want to dance. “It’s harder than you think to do nothin’; if you wanna do nothin’ right.”

  1. Shoot Me Straight

This song was the first single off the album, released in January. This song is about a man who knows he’s about to be dumped, but he just wants her to “make it burn the whole way down, lay my six-foot-four-inch ass out on the ground.” He’s ready to get it over with so he can “get to gettin’ over you.”

The second half of this six-minute song is instrumental heavy. Brothers Osborne throw in multiple guitar and drum solos, along with a few elements rarely heard in country music. Near the end it almost seems like it could be a funk-centric song.

  1. I Don’t Remember Me (Before You)

Another slow start, “I Don’t Remember Me (Before You)” is a powerful ballad about a man who can’t remember who he is. His identity has been stripped by his current relationship.

“I’ve seen pictures, and I’ve heard stories about the boy I used to be, but I don’t remember me.”

However, the song is very open ended. It’s up to the listener to decide whether he’s happy that he isn’t the wild boy he used to be, or if he’s upset that he lost his identity in a relationship.

  1. Weed, Whiskey and Willie

This is a typical smoking and drinking song, and there’s no question why the album was released on 4/20. This track is super mellow, with a slow beat and soulful sound. It definitely pays homage to country great, Willie Nelson.

  1. Tequila Again

“Tequila Again” begins to pick up the tempo a bit more with an opening riff containing a mandolin and banjo. It describes Tequila as a woman that he’s sworn off, just to “fall in love with Tequila again.” I can see this being a dive bar drinking song favorite in the near future.

  1. A Couple Wrongs Makin’ It Alright

“We go together like salt and honey, but what we have is right on the money.”

This song brings back the funk element from “Shoot Me Straight” and turns it up to ten. It’s a great song to dance to and it’ll bring a smile to anyone’s face.

  1. Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive)

Track seven is the love song of the album. It gives new hope to the thought of a long, lasting relationship. I could see this being a wedding song for a couple that really will last forever.

Favorite line: “We’ll grow old and wild and I’ll still be calling you Baby.”

  1. Drank Like Hank

An up-tempo song about one crazy hangover, “Drank Like Hank” is about a man trying to remember his crazy, booze-cruise of a night.

  1. A Little Bit Trouble

This track is a smooth song about a two-timing woman, and a man who doesn’t care if she is “a little bit trouble,” because he’s going to enjoy the time he has with her before she inevitably breaks his heart.

  1. While You Still Can

“While You Still Can” wraps up the album with some life advice. “Don’t let your now become a never.” Do everything that needs to be done, life-changing things and trivial things, because in the end you’ll regret everything you didn’t do.