Let Me Drake That for You

Aiming to give fans an “all Drake” experience, rapper Aubree Graham, commonly known as Drake, now has his own search engine.

This new search engine, created by Tyler Smith, is similar to Google except for the fact that it’s all Drake-related. There is even an “I’m feeling Drizzy” button which is a play on words of the “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google. When clicked, the “I’m feeling Drizzy” button brings the viewer to a full screen Drake video that varies every time the button is pushed.

The search may not always be directly about Drake, though. For instance, I searched the word “hairbrush,” and after a wordplay from lyrics, “tuck my napkin in my shirt ‘cause I’m just searching like that” from his hit-song “Headlines” came up, the results finally appeared. Two images of Drake showed up and a link to the Walter Drake’s website appeared with a sale on detangling hairbrushes. However, this search engine relates back to Drake in any way possible.

However, this search engine is helpful if you want to know something about Drake. When I searched “when was Drake born?” I got two links to Drake biographies, three links to Drake albums, and a link to “11 things you didn’t know about Drake – She Knows.” Let me Drake That for You, is the place to learn about the Canadian rapper.

Click this link Let me Drake That for You to experience the all Drake results for yourself! The searches are going from zero to 100 real quick.

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