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Hispanic Heritage Month: My Favorite Artists

From September 15th until October 15th, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! During this month, people honor all of the Hispanic/Latino countries’ national independence and their culture, since it is a very important part of American history.

Others and I often think about the music that is created by Hispanic/Latinos artists, so in this article I will acknowledge a few of my favorite artists, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.


Imagine if I did not mention Shakira in this article? Me neither! She is an extremely popular artist worldwide–from her fusion of belly dance with an Andean musical flare, lively performances at award shows, sporting events, and her own concerts, and overall being an international icon.

Not to mention, she just received MTV’s Video Vanguard Award! One of my favorite songs from her, “Vuelve,” is an upbeat, Spanish-rock song that she released on her debut album, “Pies Descalzos” (1995).

Mexican Institute of Sound

DJ and producer from Mexico City, Camilo Lara, is most known for his electronic music that samples different musical influences. These notable influences include samples from the 1920s, modern singers/vocalists, and beats from different cultures, especially from the Mexican-folk genre.

He has become very popular for his various projects and much of his music has been featured in television shows, movies (most popular mention would be the Disney movie “Coco,” 2017), video games, and advertising campaigns.

My favorite song from Lara is “Yemaya,” (2020) featuring Guatemalan singer, Gaby Moreno. The song fuses Latin pop and synth sounds, to create a dreamy song about the Afro-Caribbean deity (Yemọja).

Bandalos Chinos

This Argentinian indie pop band features six members who create dreamlike tunes with a twist of rock and synth-pop. Their most popular song, “Vámonos De Viaje” (2018), is something out of an 80s romance movie, and honestly that is what a lot of their music feels like.

Argentina has had a big rock and alternative scene since the 80s, with artists such as Fito Páez or Los Enanitos Verdes, it’s no wonder this indie group is so good at replicating and blending what it would sound like with a contemporary style.

Ximena Sariñana

She started out as a child actor in Mexican telenovelas, but later started releasing music in her teens. On my music streaming service, I would explore new artists and came across her album covers and thought they were pretty.

But I started listening to her music and enjoyed the work she put out. Her album, “Amor Adolescente,” (2020) was the one I liked in particular because not only was the cover pleasing to look at, but it was wonderful to listen to.

This album has a soft, melodic ambience, as it is a tribute to her youth. She reflects on how intense it is during adolescence, but that is what inspires her career, and for many of us we can relate to this idea.


Peruvian-American, A.CHAL, creates Latin R&B/HipHop infused music and it seems like he is gaining more popularity as time goes on.

His music is similar to what is trending right now, which is a lot of atmospheric trap/R&B, and it’s great because he has been collaborating with many popular artists, such as Gunna, French Montana, and Nicky Jam.

My favorite song, “No Service,” (2017) is perfect for a moody, bedroom tune.

If you do not typically listen to music from any Hispanic/Latino artists, maybe give it try! It never hurts to try something new, and it is a wonderful time to support the Hispanic/Latino communities from all over.