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“Have I Heard That Before?” 10 Famous Song Remakes

Did you ever hear a brand new song that seems vaguely familiar? It’s probably a cover.

The music industry has been remaking songs for decades, and sometimes the cover of a song will catapult it into a fame that the initial artist just couldn’t ascend to.

Below are 10 songs that you might not have known were remakes:

“Georgia On My Mind”

Originally Recorded by: Ray Charles (1930)

Covered by: Willie Nelson (1978)

“Tainted Love”

The styles of these two recordings are miles apart, and yet they remain completely the same.

Originally Recorded by: Gloria Jones (1965)

Covered by: Soft Cell (1981)

“I Will Always Love You”

People have been covering this song for years, and will forever be trying to sing it in karaoke bars in the style of Whitney Houston. But did you know that Dolly recorded it first?

Originally Recorded by: Dolly Parton (1974)

Covered by: Whitney Houston (1992)

“All Along the Watchtower”

Originally Recorded by: Bob Dylan (1965)

Covered by: Jimi Hendrix (1967)

“I’m a Believer”

I automatically think of Shrek no matter when this song plays, but The Monkees recorded it almost 40 years before the movie even came out.

Originally Recorded by: The Monkees (1967)

Covered by: Smash Mouth (2001)

“Tennessee Whiskey”

Chris Stapleton was catapulted into fame in 2015 with his single, “Tennessee Whiskey.” Only, it wasn’t his song in the first place.

Originally Recorded by: David Allan Coe (1981)

Covered by: Chris Stapleton (2015)


It’s hard to believe that the song the Queen of Soul is most famous for is a remake, but it sure is! Otis Reading recorded it three years earlier.

Originally Recorded by: Otis Reading (1964)

Covered by: Aretha Franklin (1967)

“Was it 26”

Chris Stapleton is actually quite the song thief. The two on this list aren’t the only remakes he’s put on an album of his either.

Originally Recorded by: The Charlie Daniels Band (1989)

Covered by: Chris Stapleton (2015)


This is probably one of the most well-known covers to date, mainly because of the major genre-jump.

Originally Recorded by: Nine Inch Nails (1994)

Covered by: Johnny Cash (2002)


Did anybody actually know the origin of this song before now?

Originally Recorded by: Leonard Cohen (1984)

Made Famous by: John Cale (1992) and Jeff Buckley (1994)

Covered by: Almost anyone who can play the piano, guitar, or other musical instrument, or has the ability to sing.



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