Fall Out boy meets Demi Lovato?

Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato singing together? Some people might think it’s a weird combination. The song “Irresistible,” originally on the album American Beauty/American Psycho, will now feature Lovato. The release date for this single is Oct. 16. All Lovatics or Demi fans now have more to look forward to than just her new album. Her album Confident was released on the same day as the Fall Out Boy video for “Irresistible.”demi and fall out boy

Out of all the artists out there, why would Fall Out Boy pick Lovato to feature in their song? Fall Out Boy is more of a “Rock” band while Lovato sings mostly pop.

“I think Demi Lovato has one of the most powerful voices today,” bassist Pete Wentz wrote on his blog, according to “So we worked through an afternoon and she just got it. Excited for you guys to hear this new version of the song on Friday.”

In the song Lovato starts off singing back up to Patrick Stump, the vocals for the band. Then as the song progresses, she trades lines with Stump through the second verse. The music video featuring Lovato stars the most internet famous pug, Doug the Pug. The video starts off with Doug playing basketball in a court yard. The hilarious video continues with Doug getting a cheerleader which is just another pug. The video goes on and follows Doug around placing him in various but entreating spots. At one point, they dress Doug up as different band members and have him playing the drums. It continues with him sitting as the green screen changes, making it look like he’s floating in outer space.  This video is hilarious and leaves you wanting to adopt a pug.