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Ed Sheeran is Coming to the Big Screen

It’s true, all you ‘Sheerios’ out there! The amazing Ed Sheeran is coming out with a concert movie! It is going to be called Jumper for Goalposts. Why did Sheeran choose that name? He told capitalfm.com, “Because we keep moving them.”

When is this MAJOR event occurring? Oct. 22 is when the film will be released. Tickets for this event will go on sale Sept. 24.  The premier will be held at London’s Leicester Square on Oct.22 with follow-up screeningimagess from Oct. 23 through Oct. 25.

The movie is going to show the moments leading up to him playing at one of his biggest dream venues, Wembley Stadium. Fans of Sheeran are going to be able to have the opportunity to see what it is like back stage, as well as listen to a back stage interview. Sheeran mentions in a quote that his dream has come true: “Can I tell you a little secret? Every wish I’ve made in the last five years has come true. My wish last year was to play at Wembley and now it’s kind of come to it and reality has hit that I have to imgresplay to 240,000 people.” If you have never been to a Sheeran concert, this movie can help you experience what it would be like. Many other performers have done this type of film, such as Justin Bieber in his movie Never say Never. Sheeran’s concerts have sold out in record time, so does this mean the movie will be just as good and sell out just as fast?

In the trailer, you can see how personal this movie will get. Sheeran reads from one of his journal entries: “Went to Brooklyn for the show, then went for a pizza with Jay-Z and Beyoncé and they took me to a dive bar to do Jägerbombs.” He laughs at the absurdity of his new life. “That’s weird” he told radio.com. It gives fans a more in-depth and inside look on what Sheeran’s life is like.

Watch the trailer for the movie here: