Cardi B Announces Break Up From Offset

Rapper Cardi B announced on Instagram that she has split from husband and fellow rapper Offset. In her Instagram video, Cardi explained that she and Offset “fell out of love.” This split comes four mouths after the birth of their daughter.

Cardi B stated that the break up is “nobody’s fault” despite the fact that Offset has been publicly caught cheating on multiple occasions. His latest cheating allegations include rapper Cuban doll. According to Cuban doll and her friend, Offset attempted to pay for flights for both women to meet Offset and have a threesome.

Both rappers are signed to the label Quality Control(QC). In her breakup announcement video, Cardi B claimed that she and Offset are still “good business partners,” so for now the two will attempt to separate their personal and professional lives and continue on as label mates.

Offset’s debut solo project is expected to release this December. A song featuring Cardi B is reportedly already slated to be included in the project. Their breakup is unlikely to effect the record labels roll-out plan, but it’s possibe that some words in the song may be changed to fit the current status of the rappers’ relationship.

Cardi B is known for being hotheaded, so it is unclear how she’ll handle this situation with Offset in the spotlight going forward.