BUnow Staff Pick of the Week: Kristen Rinaldi

Taylor Swift is taking the world, and BUnow, by storm. She’s been featured in three (one, two, three) of our posts in the last week, so what’s one more?

Originally, I had wanted to debut one of Swift’s new songs from her latest album 1989. Unfortunately, those are very hard to find on YouTube or anywhere online (see article link number one above).

So, I’d like to highlight, for those who haven’t seen/heard it, Swift stepping outside of her comfort zone and covering Vance Joy’s “Riptide” at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.




Associate Celebrity Editor at Buzzfeed, Kristin Harris, tweeted: “You guys idk if I’ve ever seen Taylor Swift perform better EVER.” I’d have to agree. When you’re considering the magnitude of Swift’s past performances, this is a huge statement (and if you haven’t seen her perform “All Too Well,” you haven’t seen anything).

I may be going out on the limb, but is this cover of “Riptide” better than the original? You tell us.