Pink performing at the 2014 Grammy's

When we think of the singer Pink, her loud, eccentric ways are typically what comes to mind. We picture her flying in the air during concerts with her amazing acrobatic skills while singing her “I don’t care what people think about me” songs with such fierce attitude. However, Pink is shedding all of her stunts and bold demeanor to let her voice shine through as Alecia Moore with the help of City and Colour’s Dallas Green.

Pink performing at the 2014 Grammy's
Pink performing at the 2014 Grammy’s

Moore and Green recently collaborated and released an album, rose ave. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Green explained that the two go by the name, “You+Me” which came from a card that Green gave to Moore: “I saw this card—it said You and Me on it. It made perfect sense, ’cause it really was just the two of us. There was no boardroom meeting, no ‘You should do this ’cause this will change your career.’ It was just an idea from the two of us.” The album came together pretty spontaneously. The two had always said they wanted to sing together, but never had a plan to record and put out an album until one random night.

Rose ave. is not what you would expect from Pink. The album doesn’t have any upbeat tempos that you can take and make your anthem for swearing off everybody; it has a folk vibe. All of the songs highlight the amazing harmonies Moore and Green have together. This album is allowing Moore to explore her softer side, which is just one of the many sides she has.

Throughout her life, Moore has experimented with many different types of music. As a kid she said she sung opera, was in a punk rock band and a hip-hop group, sang gospel in church, and signed an R&B label. Today, people mostly know Pink as a pop artist with most of her hits having that upbeat tempo that pop songs require. Some of those songs include “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” “Get the Party Started,” “So What,” and “Raise Your Glass.” She has had success with some more mellow songs like “Sober,” “Try,” and “Just Give Me a Reason” though.

Pink performing at the 2012 AMA's
Pink performing at the 2012 AMA’s

I think it is safe to say that there is no question that Pink can sing. Her previous albums have already shown this, but rose ave. is embracing her voice and softer side. Her collaboration with Dallas Green helps show off her ability to match harmonies and still be entrancing without her normal gimmicks. Take a listen to “Capsized” and decide for yourself: