Moose Exchange Fire in Bloomsburg

Earlier today, the Moose Exchange caught fire, causing it to be torn down.

Around 11:40 a.m., a fire broke out at the Moose Exchange in Bloomsburg, located on West Main Street.  The fire had started in a stock room of the building, according to WKOK Radio. Route 11 was closed from Market Street to Railroad Street due to the blaze. And now, the building is unfortunately going to be have to be torn down due to the fire damage.

To give you an idea of what the Moose Exchange is all about, we will have to go back to 1949, which was when the building was built. In its grand opening in 1950, the Morning Press wrote a sixteen page feature just about the building. There is a lot to do just in this one building, including a Grille room and a six-lane bowling alley.

To name it “Moose Exchange” is kind of a random name, right? Well, it actually was named that for a reason. Many know 203 West Main Street as “the Moose,” but-as said on the Exchange’s website-its “new incarnation, ‘exchange’ more accurately describes its function: every day, people of all ages and backgrounds will come into the building and their horizons will expand as information and knowledge pass among them.” So, it was named for both what it has been known for, and what it will be known as.