Miley Cyrus’s Fashion Week Debut

Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Scott at New York Fashion Week

Wednesday, Sept. 10, Miley Cyrus made her venture into the art world by collaborating with Jeremy Scott on his show during New York Fashion Week. Her eccentric style, as some might say, was forefront in the design of her accessories. While Scott’s models walked down the runway in bright colors and laid back clothing, they were showing off Miley’s, for a lack of a better word, “unique,” accessories.

A model walking in Fashion Week wearing Jeremy Scott's clothing and Miley Cyrus's accessories.
A model walking in Fashion Week wearing Jeremy Scott’s clothing and Miley Cyrus’s accessories.
A male model wearing Jeremy Scott's clothing design and a Miley Cyrus accessory.
A male model wearing Jeremy Scott’s clothing design and a Miley Cyrus accessory.

Her accessories were made up of miscellaneous objects; a lot of which came from her fans when she was on tour, which was entitled “Bangerz Tour.” Some of the objects sheused consist of furry pom-poms, plastic beads (including the ones with letters on them we all used when we were kids), marijuana leaves, and even more bizarre objects like a bong and a vibrator. The Guardian commented on her pieces as being “a bit EDM” and looking like “they’re made of kids’ toys.”

A mask from Miley Cyrus's "Dirty Hippie" collection.
A mask from Miley Cyrus’s “Dirty Hippie” collection.

Another mask from "Dirty Hippie"

A hat from "Dirty Hippie"
A hat from “Dirty Hippie”
Another piece from "Dirty Hippie"
Another piece from “Dirty Hippie”

Her pieces are pretty much unwearable, at least to the majority of the population, but they definitely have people talking. We all know that art and fashion are about expressing oneself, but what exactly is Miley trying to say?

To some, it appears as though Miley has come up with another scheme to support her new, crazy reputation. She seems to be doing whatever she can to rid herself of her old pop star status. The big question is: is this another Miley ploy or is this honestly the person she has become, and what are we to expect next if such behavior continues?





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