Miley Behind Bars South of the Border?

Performer Miley Cyrus may have just twerked her way into a Mexican jail after her last concert.

Everybody knows that Miley Cyrus and her current Bangerz Tour can be, well, a bit controversial to say the least. However, this time she may have taken it a little too far while performing south of the border.

At a show in Monterrey, Mexico, on Sept. 16, which also happens to be the country’s Independence Day, the singer was doing her signature twerking move while adding a little twist. According to USMagazine, while performing she wore a fake booty and was spanked by two male dancers. Sounds like something typical you would see at one of Cyrus’ concerts, but it’s what she was spanked with that has the Mexican government and others up in arms. A leaked TMZ video shows that it was the country’s flag that was being used to whip the singer’s faux ba-donka-donk.

This 21-year-old singer could be facing fines up to $1,270 and up to 36 hours of jail time. A warrant against Cyrus has also been approved for desecrating the Mexican flag and has been sent to the Interior Ministry.


Only time will tell if there will be greater implications for this former Disney star who can’t stop and won’t stop. As for now she should consider trying to keep the party in the USA.