Meter Madness



The parking stories that are posted, such as this one, were submitted to BU Now as part of our Parking Horror Stories contest.  

By Heather Delauretis

  Alright so, it was a Thursday and I drove up to campus and parked at the meters by the gym. I only had 1 class and I had to be at my job in Hazleton directly after work. This was the same morning that we got that insane storm up here with all the thunder and lighting. So I parked my car, and went to put money in the meter only to find the meter to be flashing like crazy.

  I tried everything! I put money in while holding my parking space number I hit my number like 10 times trying to make it work.

  Nothing helped. I figured I can’t do anything about it so i just went to class. I came out from class and low and behold I have a ticket! Apparently the wonderful meter watchers fixed the meter while I was in class, and decided to give me a ticket in the meanwhile.

  I tried to argue it with the cop and he told me, “Well the rule is that if the meter is not working properly, you need to contact the police immediately!” I said, “Oh I’m sorry, it took me 3 numbers to even get your number and I don’t have time to be wasting since i needed to be in class!” So i appealed it, and 2 days ago, after about 3 weeks, I finally got my letter saying they wouldn’t take it back because I had a meter violation and there was no money in it. So now the school has another $15 of mine, along with the other couple thousands for going here. 





  1. you stay classy, BUpd…

    this same scenario happened to me once. my dad and i were parked outside the IK in a metered spot and the meter’s power was out or something. at any rate, it wasn’t working. after staring at it for like five minutes we went inside and got food, staying for no longer than ten minutes. when we came back out the meter was fixed, we had a ticket, and no one at the station had any clue to what happened. the person who issued the ticket couldnt even be found for an explanation.

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