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Destress For Less at The Art of Floating

Surveys have found that four out of ten college students report that they feel stressed often, according to The American Institute of Stress. With busy schedules, finding the time to do productive things for your well-being can seem far-fetched. But, do many of us know that there is a simple, life-changing practice for reducing anxiety, depression, stimulating creativity, improving mental clarity and learning right here in Bloomsburg? 

The Art of Floating is a floatation therapy spa located at 1924 Old Berwick Rd. The Art of Floating offers an unbelievable experience for your physical and mental well-being. From the luxurious feel of the spa, to the profound benefits of their services, The Art of Floating is an incredible opportunity for Bloomsburg University students to benefit their health. To make things even better, they are now offering a student discount! For students, it is only $40 a session for floatation therapy.

Photo courtesy of artoffloating.com

Floatation Therapy Experience

Now, what is floatation therapy? At The Art of Floating, there are separate rooms that have floating tanks, showers, and a restroom. The tanks are filled with 1,000 lbs. of epsom salt, and 10 inches of water. After you have showered, decided if you want earplugs or not, and put petroleum jelly on any cuts, you are ready to enter the tank. When booking a session, you choose the amount of time you would like to float. My advice is 45 minutes to an hour for your first float. When entering the tank, you will notice that you start floating immediately (so cool)!  Being a beginner, it is best to float with your hands above your head, to give your neck more support. Once you are in a comfortable position, this is the time to relax! Focus on breathing and unwinding from your daily stresses. Floating is a great time to work on meditation practices, because another benefit of floating is deepening your level of meditation.

Photo courtesy of artoffloating.com

Floatation therapy changes peoples’ lives. Art of Floating can help you find mental clarity to soothing chronic pain. There are countless benefits from this practice.  After my first floating session, I left feeling like I got a full body massage, as well as being seriously relaxed and at ease. Floatation therapy is unlike anything you have ever experienced, I promise.

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