As the weather gets colder at Bloomsburg, it is time to start stocking up on scarves, head warmers, and hats. Prices can be really high especially for us broke college kids so it can be hard to be prepared for the cold. Luckily, Melissa Stewart, a senior at Bloomsburg University has amazing crocheted items for a great price. The best part about her products is that they are handmade and you can pick any color you would like.

Stewart has been crocheting since she was a kid and makes all types of great items such as head warmers, scarves (both infinity and regular), hats, blankets, and even baby clothes. She has been selling these items over the past two years and it has become her job at school so that she can make money. The reason she started crocheting was because she thought it was neat and now it has become her own stress reliever.

The prices for her products are as followed: Earwarmers with a Bow are $15, earwarmers without Bow are $10. An Infinity Scarf with one color is $20 and an infinity Scarf with two colors is $25. Hats are $20. Hats with two colors are $25. Bearded Hats which are a knitted hat with a knitted beard are $30. Depending on her schedule, her products can take up a few hours to make or two days at the most.

Customers get to choose their choice of colored yarn out of the high selection she has. These amazing items not only make for great personal use but for Christmas gifts as well. From personal experience, I bought a head warmer with the bow and I absolutely loved it! I wear it everywhere and it still looks good as new. Her products are well produced and will not break easily like other items do. She even had my head warmer done within a day so I really do suggest her products to everyone here at Bloomsburg who wants good quality winter items for a good price.

Stewart says that she would love to make a career out of crocheting one day and her dream is to live on the beach and crochet her life away. To contact Melissa for an item, you can visit her Faceook page: “Melissa’s Crochet Homemade Items”or you can personally message her on her Facebook.