McDonald’s Launches a Big Mac Clothing Line

McDonald’s is taking over the world again. As if it’s not enough to constantly see those infamous golden arches practically everywhere you go, you might soon be seeing Big Macs on people’s clothing as well.

On March 24, McDonald’s launched its line in Sweden. The Big Mac Shop is the line’s exclusive website, which is the only place you can purchase its products. The shop is only collecting orders from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, the United States, Canada, Australia, and almost all other European countries.

bigmaccAt the moment, there are only a few products available for purchase, but the Big Mac Shop has plans to expand its line later on. Currently, the shop is selling Big Mac Thermals (about $57), Big Mac Bedding (about $46), and Big Mac Fond Wallpaper (about $55). In the future, Big Mac Dog Clothes, Big Mac Raincoats, and Big Mac Rubber Boots will be available for purchase.

When looking at the line, it is hard not to see a bit of humor in it. Even the Big Mac Shop captures the humor of its line through the descriptions of the product. For example, the description for the bedding says, “Order your new bedding today and sleep with Big Mac in the morning.”

Despite the bit of humor that surrounds the line, there is a serious undertone to the creation. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the Big Mac line go to the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund. This fund is created to help the families of seriously ill children. On the FAQ page of the website, McDonald’s states that it did not create this line to make a profit: “We want the Big Mac Collection to be for our fans—not a way for us to make money.”

bbig macThis line is a part of McDonald’s “imlovinit 24” marketing campaign. Its slogan is “24 gifts of joy. In 24 cities. Over 24 hours. #imlovinit.” The acts of joy started in Australia with “Have a Ball Café” and ended in Los Angeles with “Ne-Yo’s Lovin Anthem.” The Big Mac Fashion show in Stockholm was one of the middle events out of the 24 events in the campaign.