Life is more than just a Fantasy

Like many other aspiring singers, Mariah Carey wasn’t born in the starlight, but served as a pure example of accomplishing your dreams with commitment and hard work.

Carey not only had the voice of an angel, but she also was determined to fulfill her dreams to become a singer. Carey started working towards her goal of becoming a singer after high school. Carey was affectionately called Mirage by her classmates in high school.

Carey began waitressing in Manhattan, NY, and followed her heart by giving out her demos to music scouts. One day, she had the opportunity to meet Thomas Mottola, owner of Sony Music Entertainment, the second largest, global recorded music company. Luckily, her demo fell into Mottola’s hands and the rest is history.

As a result of her hard work and diligence, the song, Dream Lover earned 2 Grammy awards, for best new artist and her vocal performance for her hit singles, Vision of Love. Carey also released her album titled Mariah Carey that remained on the billboard for weeks due to her four hit tracks such as Love Takes Time, I Don’t Wanna Cry, Someday, and Vision of Love. Later, Carey made an appearance on MTV with her signature natural tresses, where she performed her 1991 hit single, Emotions, live.

Carey’s Vision of Love

Sometimes it can be a challenge working with your boss but it may have been even more of a challenge for Carey because her boss was her husband. In June 1993, Carey married Mottola which resulted in their wedding costing about $500,000. Unfortunately, the marriage missed one thing……..a happily ever after. After being seen with Yankees baseball player, Derek Jeter, by several news reporters, many fans became skeptical about her faithfulness to Mottola. Months later, Mr. and Mrs. Mottola separated, several months after Carey’s confession of dating the baseball star.

For someone who preached Love Takes Time, Carey didn’t practice that principal. It wasn’t until 2008, where she met her prince charming and current TeeNick host, Nick Cannon. Although there had been rumors of the couple’s engagement, it still came to public’s shock when a secret wedding in April of the same year followed it. Unlike the other relationships she had, Carey seemed to have finally found her Hero.

Glitter Meltdown

The year 2001 was very stressful for Carey. During her public promotion of her new movie and soundtrack, Glitter, Carey appeared on TRL live where she handed out popsicles and a short strip tease. Not too long after, she was hospitalized due to extreme exhaustion. However, Carey was determined to keep working after the incident to continue promoting her film. Glitter, Carey’s first film, was a failure that also resulted in her fatigue. One thing, people can learn from

Carey is that multitasking can have severe consequences concerning one’s health and well-being. It was clear that [she] still believed that working hard will help her rise to the top but she forgot to add in sleep to her every day schedule. After relapse and recovery, the Glitter diva appeared in the film-drama based on the novel Push by Sapphire, Precious. Carey won few awards for her supporting role in Precious as the social worker.

Mimi’s Comeback

Before her fame from Precious, Mimi surprised her fans with 2005’s best-selling R&B album, Emancipation of Mimi, including her two hit singles, We Belong Together and Shake It Off. Her album release earned Carey three Grammy awards for her album, musical performance, and other hit singles. Finally, Mimi managed to rise above the Glitter failure and continue in her musical and acting career.

[They] Belong Together

Even though many people believed that the marriage between Mimi and Cannon would diminish, they were wrong.  Carey finally had a husband, but something was still missing from this perfect picture: children. According to PEOPLE magazine, Mimi’s husband, Cannon announced that she was carrying twins. After this extravagant news, followed the rumors of whether this 41-year-old, pop and R&B singer had a natural pregnancy or a little help from technology.

Expecting mother, Mimi was rumored to be given fertility treatment to help surpass the complications of conceiving at an older age. Mimi’s fan began to think that she was willing to do anything just to make sure she could have children due to a previous miscarriage. Cannon commented to PEOPLE magazine after his public announcement about Mimi’s pregnancy, “the greatest gift on earth is a child.” In 2011, Morrocan Scott and Monroe finally arrived on the scene. Recently, the couple planned a family trip at the Santa Monica pier.

Carey vs. Minaj: Battle of the Divas

What is Carey doing now? She is currently a judge for the twelfth season of American Idol with other stars, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. During a recording of the Idol tryouts in Charlotte, NC, a Huffington posts recalls the show host describing the feud between Carey and Minaj as “intense.” Ryan Seacrest explained that a dispute like this will add flavor and more publicity to the show.

The incident was not expected from the two divas but according to TMZ, it is not the first time that Carey has felt disrespected by Minaj. In 2010, Carey released a music video for the single, Up Out of My Face featuring Nicky Minaj, where their matching ensembles resembled a glamorous Barbie doll. Not too long after its release, the song listed on Carey’s thirteenth album, Angel Advocate was cancelled. This took place at the beginning of Nicki Minaj’s career as a rapper. B. Scott, a well-known YouTube celebrity, tells TMZ, “Mariah went out of her way to be nice to Nicki and make her comfortable,” in response to their most recent feud. He recalls Minaj “making faces at her [Mariah] laced with rude comments under her breath.” Of course, Minaj tells TMZ that B. Scott is only supporting Carey due to her loyalty during the years he worked with Carey.

In fact, Minaj also threatened to shoot Mariah after storming off the stage. After hearing Carey tell Barbara Walters from The View, Minaj tweeted,“I guess it hurts 2 have the producers tell u to ur face that Nicki is the best judge we’ve had since Simon. Awww, poor u. Keep them lies cmn.” The dispute escalated from a disagreement about one of the contestant’s performance but seems to be cooling down for now. Due to the feud as well as Nicki’s outlandish performance, the auditions ended. After the feud, the Glitter diva reappeared on Idol with a police escort.

It is evident American Idol should only have one diva judging per season. Carey concluded that she just wants to forget about this feud and get back to work. Although the producers may favor Minaj, Mimi is not going to let that stop her from doing what she does best. If you are still curious about the feud, tune into the premiere of American Idol in January.