Lohan vs. Pitbull: Lohan Loses Court Case

Linsday Lohan loses her court case against Pitbull.

Many were surprised when Lindsay Lohan sued rapper, Pitbull, for using her name in one of his songs. After making a big scene about the situation in court, she lost.

The “Parent Trap” star sued Pitbull after his 2011 single, “Give Me Everything Tonight,” released, which supposedly slandered  her name with the lyric, “I got locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” Lohan said the song “includes an unwarranted, unauthorized, and unfavorable mention of [her] name and personality, and allusions to [her] physical and mental character,” making it a violation of her privacy and publicity rights. She also says it has caused her emotional distress.

Pitbull first apologized for ironically using her name, but later countersued for Lohan filing a frivolous claim. He filed the suit a month after inviting Lohan to be his date at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards; talk about irony.

U.S. District Judge, Denis Hurley, ruled that her privacy and publicity rights did not apply in a work of art, due to the first amendment: freedom of speech. “The fact that the song was presumably created and distributed for the purpose of making a profit does not mean that plaintiff’s name was used for ‘advertising’ or ‘purposes of trade’ within the meaning of the New York Civil Rights Law,” Hurley wrote in the ruling.

The judge did not find Lohan guilty for filing a frivolous suit because there was no evident proof that she could not win her case against Pitbull beforehand. Though Lohan was not charged, her lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, was fined $750 for using plagiarized court briefs from newspapers, law firms, and educational websites.


10 Other Rappers Lindsay Lohan Could Potentialy Sue:

Lohan’s case didn’t work out in her favor. Maybe she’ll have better luck suing these 10 other rappers.


1. DrakeAll of the Lights (Remix)

He says, “Smoke that kush, but I don’t do Whitney, don’t do Britney, I don’t do Lindsay.”


2. Lil’ Wayne White Girl Remix

He says, “I got that white girl, that Lindsay Lohan, and all you gotta do is ask Lindsay Lohan.


3. Notrious B.I.G. Running Your Mouth

He says, “With a mean girl like Lindsay Lohan, That’s why I keep the nine in the Bently door pan.”

4. EminemSame Song and Dance

He says, “Hello Lindsay, you’re looking a little thin, hun. How ‘bout a ride to rehab, get in…”


5. Kanye WestThrow Some D’s (Freestyle)

He says, “I don’t need no hands to know Lindsay Lohan. She on the same program as Britney, is you wit’ me?”


6. Royce Da 5’9”I’m On Everything (ft. Eminem)

He says, “My friends be knowin’ that when I’m on a binge I’m stingy. Even when I’m ten deep in a room at the MGM with Lindsay Lohan and she on…”


7. Snoop Dogg – Knockin’ (ft. Travis Barker and Ludacris)

He says, “Cause they got flows that make hoes sleepy like slow james, my sh*t rocks, cocaine, like Lindsay Lohan.


8.  WaleW.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.

He says, “My climate is way higher than Lindsay Lohan’s nostrils on powder.”


9. Rucka Rucka AliJustin’s Beaver The Movie

He says, “Cause his ‘nads are higher in his groin, than Lindsay on acid.


10. Cam’RonWe Found Love (Freestyle)

He says, “Gotta lock that, Lindsay Lohan.”