Live World War II Bomb Found and Accidently Detonated In Bangkok


thailand-explosionOn April 3, a live World War II bomb was found at a construction site in Bangkok and transported to a scrapyard.

The Thai workers on the site believed it to have been defused when they decided to attempt to break it up into smaller parts.

The blast that followed caused a 10 foot deep crater, damaged neighboring properties, killed six of the scrapyard workers and injured 19. The device was measured to be about 3 foot long and weighed about 500 lbs.

CNN reported that the Local police commander Virasak Foythong told media that the workers thought it was inactive, he said. “The workers at the warehouse thought the bomb was no longer active so they used a metal cutter to cut into it, causing the explosion.”

The origin of the bomb is still unknown because both British and American bombs were dropped in Bangkok in 1944 during World War II.

Another World War II device was found earlier that week in Bangkok but was safely deactivated.

CNN reported that it has not been uncommon for Asian countries to find old World War II devices.





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