Birria Tacos at the Strawberry Festival in Emmaus. Photo by Carly Busfield.

Taking over the food scene of social media is the famous Mexican street dish, Birria Tacos. The trend began a few years ago in 2020, but has began to skyrocket once again in 2023. 

This is a traditional Mexican dish consisting of soft corn tortillas filled with stewed meat, typically beef or goat, and served with a side of consommé for dipping.

Birria tacos originate from the Mexican state of Jalisco. The word “birria” refers to the type of slow-cooked, spicy meat used in the tacos.

What is consommé made of? Birria consommé is a flavorful broth made from the juices of the stewed meat in birria along with added spices such as chili peppers, onion, and garlic.

Birria tacos are not a simple dish that is quick to make. This recipe on Food & Wine takes a total of 8 hours and 55 minutes. 

This adobo stewed dish is a strong alternative to traditional tacos. They are cheesy, full of flavor and definitely a must try. 

On the Fourth Taco menu, a local Mexican eatery in Bloomsburg, consumers can order birria tacos. The order comes with two tacos and features barbacoa beef, jack cheese, cilantro & onion in crispy pan-fried corn tortilla, served with consommé for dipping.

See beside for a photo of their birria tacos featured on the Fourth Taco Instagram.

This tasty dish is customizable to go off the traditional meal with an abundant amount of features such as corn or flour shells, along with a large assortment of additional meats and sauce.