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How Much Do You Know About Sex and Misconceptions?

Many people believe a wide array of misconceptions about sexual intercourse. They pose many differences for genders, separating them apart. Here is clarification on much of the false information.

Misconception #1: Women Can’t get Pregnant if they Take a Plan B

Many people think that if they take Plan B after having unprotected sex, they are avoiding the risk of pregnancy. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Plan B is a pill that contains levonorgestrel. Levonorgestrel works by postponing the release of an egg from the women’s overy. In theory, this is a great way to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but if you have already ovulated before unprotected sex, Plan B is ineffective. Around 87% of women cannot accurately estimate their fertile window, which means that lots of times when people spend the $40-$50 on Plan B, it doesnt work.

Misconception #2: Lube Shouldn’t be Needed if You Are Aroused

Hormones, medications and illnesses can all effect how wet a women gets when trying to have sex. A women can feel extremely aroused, but her body might not be able to produce enough fluid to make sex comfortable. Lubrication will not only help make the act more pleasurable, but it is normal to need a little extra help when your body decides to go against your emotions. Water-based lube is the most natural and effective way to get that little help when needed.

Misconception #3: Sex is Over After the Man Finishes

Sometimes this is the case. Men ejaculate and the sex is over, but it does not always have to be that way. Sex involves two people, and should focus on the pleasure of both parties. It does not always have to end in an orgasm or ejaculations, but strong communication should be used throughout intercourse to make sure both parties are getting what they want and need from the experience.

Misconception #4: Everyone in College is Having Sex

Everyone is on their own timeline. One might hear about all the sex their friends or aquaintences are having, but that does not mean it is true or what is normal. There is no normal amount of sex someone should be having. If someone is ready to engage in sex then that is their choice and actions, but lots of people wait and do not engage until they are ready. Never force yourself into thinking you should be sexually active because other are. Listen to your body and mind and go at your own pace.

Misconception #5: Masturbation for Women is Wrong

Growing up, women hear about the normalcy of boys and men mastrubation. They are never taught about how it is okay for them to try self exploration as well. Mastrubations tends to help women figure out what they like in sex as well as what works for them and their body. Mastrubation also releases endorphins that can boost mood and energy. It is important to learn about your body, especially if one is ready to engage in sexually relations with another person.




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