The beautiful Paris has much more to offer than just the Eiffel Tower, it is also the largest city of France. For those who didn’t know, L’amour à Paris means Love in Paris, and that’s how most beautiful describe this city; romantic. This global fashion capital is located in the North, and is only a short trip away from London. It obtains approximately 3,800 monuments and is the most visited city in the world.

One barrier is the the language, because France’s national language is not English. Français is what a tourist will see on every sign, public transportation, restaurant menu, etc. Therefore it is important you brush up on your French before traveling, considering the last time you learned it was probably high school. Here are some simple words/phrases to get you by:

  • J’mapelle means My name is..
  • Oui means Yes and Non means No.
  • Bonjour means Hello or Good Morning.
  • Merci means Thank you.
  • au revior means Goodbye.
  • Parlez-vous anglais? means Do you speak English?
  • Excusez-moi means Excuse me.
  • Où est…? means Where is…?


When traveling to the EU, you’ll need to know/do these things:

  • An updated American passport. If you are 16 years of age or older, you must renew your passport every 10 years. If you don’t have one, an application usually takes about four-six weeks so make sure you put in it early enough. A passport costs roughly $140.
  • France does not take U.S. dollars, so make sure you convert your money once you get there to their monetary system, the Euro. Currently the exchange rate is not in our favor at around €1.34 euro for every American $1.00.
  • Book a flight. In the summer, traveling to Europe can be pretty costly. For example, an average flight in July for United Airlines from Philadelphia to Paris is approximately $2,600.
  • Booking a hotel will add to these costs. As well as any tours or day trips you may plan, food, and spending. Make sure you account for all of these expenses before deciding to travel to the appealing Paris. *Note that Paris is also one of the most expensive cities in the world, so make sure you bring a hefty amount of spending money.


Here are some must sees while in Paris:

The Eiffel Tower
Located on the Champ de Mars, this entrance arch was built in 1889 for the World’s Fair. It is the tallest building in Paris, as well as a cultural icon for the French city. It is approximately 81 stories tall and attracts many tourists throughout the year.


The Louvre
This famous museum holds works from the most influential artists known to man. The Mona Lisa resides within the Louvre, as well as more works from Leonardo da Vinci. It is located on the Right Bank of the Seine and is the most visited museum of the world.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Built during medevial Paris, the architecture of the cathedral is breathtaking. Make sure to climb the North tower and see hunchback Quasimodo’s vantage point. The world famous Roman Catholic Notre Dame took 100 years to build and is filled with sculptures and beautiful stained glass.


Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. It is a monument to honour those who fought and died in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. The names of these heroes are engraved on the inside of the arch. Beneath lies a tomb of an unknown solider from WWI. It’s close to the Louvre’s courtyard so make sure you check it out.


And of course, Paris isn’t called the “fashion capital” for nothing. Make sure to check out all of the famous names such as Chanel and many more.

Safe Travels.