When it comes to the NBA, I think we can all agree that one of the most dominant players in the game is number six on the Miami Heat, Lebron James. The 6-foot-8, 240 pound James is most known for his “nobody can stop me” attitude; his unbelievable power on the court, and of course his recent back-to-back championship titles. There’s no doubt that he is an exceptional player, and one of the best to ever play the game. James’ attitude on the court shows that he knows he’s that good.

The new NBA2k14 video game, which was released on Oct. 1, depicts James in the same unstoppable light. The title of this year’s game, “The Path to Greatness,” as well as the game’s commercials, illustrate his talent, unstoppable power and force, and portrays the legacy number six has created as, “King James.”

The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted James in 2003, where he was their star player for seven long seasons. In his seven seasons with the Cavs, James took them to the playoffs five out of those seven seasons. He also won rookie of the year in 2004, won NBA scoring champion in 2008, four MVPs, two Finals MVPs, and of course two NBA championships, to name only a few. Clearly, James has achieved greatness in his 11 seasons in the NBA. He has every trophy someone could possibly have in the NBA, except one; the NBA Slam Dunk championship trophy.

It is so strange to me that the only trophy missing from James’ collection is the dunk contest trophy. Part of what makes James so great is his impressive ability to dunk a basketball. Even the NBA2k14 commercial shows James leaping from the foul line, a dunk that’s been done before by Michael Jordan. It’s a bold move to have even an animated James doing the same dunk Jordan did in the 88’ dunk contest, considering James doesn’t have that accomplishment on his resume.

Honestly, I can only hope that this will finally be the year that James can check winning the dunk contest off of his list. James has so much credibility backing the legacy he has created for himself as a basketball player, yet he still chooses not to participate in a contest he is almost guaranteed to win. We all know how great of a player James is, but if he really wants to be “king” and solidify his legacy, he needs to slam one down this year and finally win the dunk championship trophy.