Let’s be real, Kim Kardashian is really only famous because of a sex tape; without it we wouldn’t have ever known who she was, nor would we have cared. So why did her photos in “Paper Magazine” shock us so badly? She became famous because of a racy controversy, why shouldn’t she continue making money that way?

Before “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” she was a personal stylist with a famous father and a bunch of siblings. However, when “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” started nine, yes I said nine; seasons ago it gave people a personal look at the narcissistic Kardashian.



Fans got to know Kim as the workaholic of the family who was always stressed, crying, or scheming. They saw her fall in love, get divorced, fall back in love, and have a baby. Kardashian inherently took on the role of viewers’ friend or crazy sibling. Long story short, because of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” people started to relate to the star.  They saw her going through events that everyday people go through.



Her curves, which were originally controversial, became points of envy. Everyone wanted to know how to get the Kim K butt and hourglass figure. She spoke out multiple times about her behind being a product of hard work at the gym, although many speculated injections. Girls were able to watch Kardashian and know that it was okay to have curves.



When her photos were released on the cover of “Paper Magazine” of her obviously oiled body and idiotic expressions on her face people lost respect for her. In all honesty, not a lot of people had respect for her to begin with, but it’s fair to say even loyal fans shook their heads at the mediocrity of the photos.



It took people no time at all to start making fun of Kardashian for her pictures. These are just a few examples. More can be found here.

kim and ezma


While all of these are kind of funny they miss the point about why Kardashian’s choice to do this was so disappointing and even harmful.

The photos below are comparisons between her photo shopped pictures and natural pictures.

realchest  realback  realside

Kardashian has the unique opportunity to be a role model, but she thought proving to people that she’s hot was more important. Like it or not Kardashian is a role model and needs to understand her influence. By going through with the photo shoot she sent a message to all women that getting greased up and altering their bodies is sexy.

Kardashian has no excuses. She is no longer a young girl looking for fame. She now has fame, family, and money. People have watched her go through multiple stages in her life and have related to her. Unfortunately, it’s clear that Kardashian is willing to stir the pot no matter how it affects anyone else.

Therefore, Kim Kardashian could never break the internet, but she did manage to break some of her fans’ trust.


Oh, and give us a serious headache. esmaheadache