Kelly Pickler Overview

overview of Kellie Pickler’s performance on the opening night of the Bloomsburg Fair.

The 157th Bloomsburg Fair preview day kicked off with performances by Kellie Pickler, Lauren Alaina and Randy Houser rocking the Grand Stand. The show started with Lauren Alaina. Alaina, who was American Idol’s season ten runner-up, began the show singing “I’m Not One Of Them.” She’s a senior in high school, who just began her 18 cities tour. Alaina is the Ambassador for the Special Olympics. She is going on an 18 cities tour due to her song 18 Inches, which is how far your heart is from you head. During Alaina’s performance, there were several rolling power outages. The lights and stage went completely dark, and the carnival rides began shutting off and resuming again.

Randy Houser was next to perform. Houser rocked the stage. He knew people came to see a country concert, and he was ready to deliver it to them. Houser thanked the audience for having him in Bloomsburg. He knew this was “our hometown” and he was grateful to be in it. Houser played “Anything Goes,” which was recently sung on the X-factor by Tate Stevens. He asked the audience if anyone watched the show, and commented on Stevens’ performance by saying, “he did a great damn good job on it.” Houser then went on to perform other songs such as, “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” which he wrote and thanked Trace Atkins for making famous. Houser told the crowd that he loves his job and he exited the stage after his last song and he threw up the peace sign with his fingers and thanked  everyone for having him perform for us tonight.

Recently, Kellie Pickler shocked the music industry by shaving her head . She did this because she made a pact that she would shave her head so her friend battling breast cancer would not have to go through losing all of her hair alone. She shocked the crowd that she wasn’t wearing a wig and made the comment, “I won’t wear a wig, I’m going to rock this sh*t .” Pickler told the crowd that she was suffering from a sinus infection and to ignore her raspy voice. About an hour before the concert, Pickler tweeted, “Feeling’ a lil loopy from this medication/antibiotic…& it’s ’bout time 4 me to hit the stage. Gonna be an interesting show. ;).” Pickler sang many of her popular hits, such as “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful, Red High Heels, I Wanna Be Married, (But I Wanna Be Single Too), and Make Me Fall In Love With You Again.” Pickler also mentioned before she sang her song “Rock’s Instead of Rice,” that it was for her ex, because she knew that he was sleeping around.

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