Student Spotlight: Actress, Megan Young

Bloomsburg actress ready for the big screen.

“Sunflowers, Sunflowers!” Lucille proclaims, as she finally decides the flowers that will make up the bouquet she holds as she walks down the aisle toward the man of her dreams.

Lucille’s elation is interrupted however when dear friend of eight years, Ellie, arrives to admire Lucille’s wedding dress, discuss the details of her big day and add some stress to her life. Ellie brings news of Arthur, Lucille’s fiancé that will suddenly make her wonder if this is really the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Megan Young, a sophomore theater major, and dance minor here at Bloomsburg University, is Lucille in the play “Psychopathia Sexualis.” In this play she discovers that the love of her life, and fiancé, Arthur has an odd fetish. Days before her wedding, Ellie informs Lucille that Arthur has been seeing a therapist to hopefully get over his need to have his parents’ socks on his feet every time he has sex. Lucille is now faced with doubt in her marriage. She begins to wonder what else Arthur hasn’t told her. She’s concerned that he’s psychotic.  Is Arthur the perfect man she thought he was?

Young, the twenty-year-old actress of nearly four years, has been seen in many plays since her debut as Smitty in Play On! at Central Mountain High School in Lockhaven, PA. She has been featured in plays such as But Why Bump Off Barnaby?Almost, Maine, and Vanities. She recently got the role as “the other woman” in Dead Man’s Cell Phone. Young describes being on stage as something that has always come natural to her. She had many years of dance experience before she began acting, which she says helped prepare her for being in the spotlight.

Young has a very strict plan for her future. After graduating from Bloomsburg University, she wants to move to Pittsburg; a place where many independent films take off. There, she hopes to find herself in short films and plays to jumpstart her career. Once Young gets her name out there, she plans to move to either New York, or Los Angeles, and be featured in big name movies.

When asked why she loves acting, Young replied with: “You learn so much about people that you’ll never have the opportunity to meet. You’re embodying them; you can put yourself in their shoes at any given time.”