Just Stay Home This November

Karen Connovino with Obama board.


I enter this battle fully knowing that this is a fight I can’t win.  Believe me, I still intend to go down with this ship.  

See, while my lovely co-editor Shannon Hoffman has boldly decided to tackle the controversial issue of “encouraging students to vote,” I’ve elected to join the losing side.

Today, I am here to encourage all Bloomsburg students NOT to vote this Fall.

Now before the firing squad lines up in our “comments” section, let me explain.  I do in fact believe that it is important for the Bloomsburg community to vote.  In fact, I urge all of you to do your research and decide which homecoming candidates are best suited to be our king and queen (Cheap plug for my friend Sheila Martin).  Also, no student should neglect to fill out their Bloom Idol ballot each Thursday night.

The presidential election?  Eh, not so much.

I hate to be the bad guy and diminish all the hard work done by the many groups on campus who have been laboring tirelessly to register voters, but I just can’t agree with the mission.

While everyone has the right to vote, I don’t think everyone should.  Am I the only one concerned with this push to register students at the last minute?  Call me crazy, but I don’t want the future of our country decided by someone who waited until two days before the deadline before deciding it might be a good time to fill out the paper work.

I’d much rather leave the voting to someone who cares enough to have paid attention to the last two-plus years of this campaign.  

I know the commonly used defense is “it doesn’t really matter who you vote for, just as long as you vote!”  

Really?  You are serious?  How the heck is that helpful to our society?  You are telling me that it is not important whether or not I understand the issues and the problems facing our country, but just that I randomly select a president based on the 30-second clips I catch in between episodes of Two and a Half Men?

Here is my stance. If you are truly passionate about a candidate or an issue then please by all means hit the polls this November.  I envy you.  I am jealous that you found someone who excites you enough to thrust your faith into their corner. Congratulations.

Now, for the rest of us, I invite you to stay home with me.  Don’t allow others to make you feel guilty for not taking part in this election process.  Just as mindlessly voting for the “lesser of two evils” doesn’t make you an American hero, neither does abstaining on November 4th label you as a Benedict Arnold.

One day I really hope to come across an candidate that inspires me to support them.  Unfortunately, in 2008, I have yet to see such a leader.  

So instead of urging you to vote, I instead urge you to find a more constructive way to spend your time.  Do some real community service. Donate to the troops at this weekend’s football game.   Most importantly, keep informed with the events and issues that will be effecting our country’s future. One day you may feel the need to make your voice heard in an election, and it is crucial to be ready.

And remember, if you stay home this November while everyone else elects the next President of the United States, this doesn’t make you a bad or a lazy person.

We may have the freedom of speech, but we also have the right to remain silent.





  1. I actually have to agree…I thought you were just going to be bashing voting all together, ha ha. I think there are many people in the U.S. who vote not even knowing what the candidate that they voted for stance on issues.

    I was watching an interview on CNN the other night and they interviewed some lady in the mid-west who was for Mccain and Palin. She said she would vote for the Mccain/Palin ticket because she thought Palin was like the average citizen the way she presented herself and spoke. Some people don’t even look at the big picture, it is embarrassing. Before you vote at least know your candidates background and stance on issues!

  2. Joe, I was about to get really angry at you, but no worries I’m not.

    I’ve been one of the people getting students registered, and I’m actually really glad I got involved because there will never be another campaign like this in our lifetime, so i guess I don’t understand how some people can still be so apathetic…But if my enthusiasm can rub off on a couple of people, then thats awesome.

    I do agree with you and Melissa about people who vote without getting the facts (let me suggest factcheck.org) – it worries me that these people WILL be the ones turning out on election day…

    I think that getting students registered (at least in my mind) was a good way to give people the OPTION to vote IF they wanted to. Just because you register doesn’t mean you have to show up at the polls…but it does allow you to do so if you wish. For me, I was hoping that getting people registered would be a good way to get them interested

  3. In a recent conversation with my apathetic non-voting friend, he said “I don’t vote and I don’t b*tch.” Voting is a right, we live in a free society, and you are free to be uninformed. That is what we have chose as our system and I love it. Saying we should keep uninformed voters from voting is just as bad as saying we should keep Union members from voting. We are all uninformed voters. Someone tell me whom you support for County Coroner??? Exactly.

    We may all have our own beliefs. Some people hate that someone will vote based on a single issue. Some people voted for Bush to have another four years of laughing at the dumb stuff he says. We all have our thoughts, but voting is a right for all (expect: felons, illegal immigrants, minors, mentally incompetent, etc.).

    This is a hot topic and there is a report on 20/20 tonight about it.. check it out: Maybe It’s Your Civic Duty Not to Vote

  4. Hey…the market is tanking…credit is tight…we have soldiers on multiple fronts…unemployment is at least 6% in most areas…retail is way off and a share of Ford is less than a cup of Starbucks coffee.

    The country, and the world for that matter…is as depressed as it’s been in at least 2 generations.

    Should I go on?!?

    Stay home…crawl under the covers…turn off the phone…and retreat into a cocoon of nihilistic nirvana?!?

    Not for me…no way!

    Vote…engage…live free.

    Reject Fear and Anger.
    Embrace Life!


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