Jerry Manley Makes His Voice Heard


Jerry gives a “thumbs up” for Obama.


Twenty-year-old Jerry Manley planned to be the first student to vote today at 7 am at the Kehr Union voting booth. He doesn’t plan on getting much sleep tonight or tomorrow night in the excitement of Election Day. He believes that more students will be voting this year than ever before.


Jerry adjusts his Obama pin and says he wants to be the first of the hundreds of students on campus who are voting for Barack Obama.


When asked why Jerry is voting for Obama, Jerry replies, “My vote is for Obama because he will allow teachers to be more creative with his policies.”


He has been helping the Obama campaign, registering students to vote and explaining where students go to vote on Election Day based on their residence. He was excited to be a part of the action. Jerry says his efforts will make a difference in the way this election will turn out and how many students will arrive at the polls.


“I’m doing whatever I can to get students out to vote,” Jerry says. “The most important thing to me is that they make their voice heard. You should know what both candidates will be doing for you in the next four years and what kind of jobs will be available. Everyone should know how these candidates are going to affect them.”


Jerry says that he feels this election has landed during a crucial time. “Every vote will make a difference, whether you are a student or a member of the community,” Jerry says. “The students out-number the town. If every student voted, collectively, we could make a huge difference.”


When encountering a McCain supporter passing by, Jerry smiles and quotes stand-up comedian George Carlin: “If you’re pre-borne, you’re fine. If you’re preschool, you’re screwed!”




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