Jeggings! The Skinny Jean/Legging Mix

WATCH OUT SKINNY JEANS, JEGGINGS ARE TAKING OVER! Jeggings are common leggings that many girls wear today, that are styled to look like tight denim jeans. Jeggings can also be described as part skinny jean, part legging and are typically made of a denim/spandex mix. They were first put into stores in 2009, and soon after they were among the more popular clothing items of 2010. Jeggings are often worn on their own, opposed to the regular leggings look that is worn with a skirt or dress. They are available in a variety of colors, even the washed out looks that normal jeans may portray. Celebrities seen wearing this style are Jessica Alba, Beyonce, and Audrina Partridge. This style is appealing and very comfortable! I advise all girls should step into the new jegging trend!