Go Scare Yourself – Halloween Ideas by Deana


Do you ever just get in a mood to watch a scary movie or go to a haunted house?  Have you ever just wanted to step outside of yourself and be someone else for a day?  Well, October 31st is quickly coming upon us.  Welcome to the holiday that makes scaring each other perfectly acceptable and dressing up is pretty much mandatory.


Don’t you wish we were just little kids again, back when our moms would make our costumes for us and we could go up to strangers and demand candy?  Those were definitely the good times.  Well we can’t really trick-or-treat anymore.  Nevertheless, the majority of us still like to dress up, whether for a party or just for fun.  The question is, what will you wear this year?  You probably want an outfit that is cheap, easy, and creative.  Well, here are some great costumes:

Naughty/Nice, Devil
Naughty/Nice, Devil
Doctor and/or Nurse
Doctor and/or Nurse


Other ideas are a racecar driver, Batman/Batgirl, Robin Hood, pirate, sailor, or firefighter. Whether you’re looking for the funniest, the cutest, or just something that you can throw together quickly, there are endless possibilities.  Put your own style and your own ideas into a costume and you’ll be golden.


So now you’ve figured out your costume and it’s not quite time to wear it yet.  Sitting around with your friends and looking for something to do?  Scary movies are always a great idea around this holiday.  The horror films are heading to the top of the charts right about now.  Head to the Redbox, send out for Netflix, or just go to the local movie store and maybe look for some of these titles:

1. Saw – Do you want to play a game?  Maybe head to a theater and check out the fifth installment of these thrilling puzzler movies.  However, if you don’t want to spend the $8, the first four are always good for renting.

2. Prom Night – A little predictable, but when a killer comes back to hunt down a girl at prom, you can’t help but jump.

3. Shutter – Hold onto your chair, this movie about a couple who sees ghostly images in their photographs will truly terrify you.

4. 1408 – Based on a story by Stephen King, this movie revolves around a cursed hotel room (1408) that never seems to let its guests leave.

5. The Strangers – In a violent attack by three strangers, a couple on vacation is forced to fight back.  It is a thoroughly scary movie that leaves you wondering about the strangers you encounter.


So, what will you do this Halloween?  Celebrate this holiday right.  Dress up in a clever costume, watch a scary movie, carve a pumpkin, decorate your dorm, apartment, or house, get a Ouija board, or maybe even go to a haunted house.  Have fun and scare yourself silly.

(Photos are provided by www.partycity.com.)




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