Is the Dress White and Gold or Black and Blue?

There’s a big controversy going on today, and it’s all about a dress. A photo of a dress is circulating and some people see it as a white and gold dress while others see it as a blue and black dress.

I first found out about it in a group chat with my younger sister and some of our friends. They sent the picture in the group chat and asked which we saw. Some said they saw white and gold and some said they saw blue and black. I personally saw white and gold. Someone said that at one point it was white and gold and then it changed. I told them that doesn’t make any sense.

Looking online now, I see it’s a big debate everywhere. Check out  this BuzzFeed article that helped spark the debate.

People commented and the debate continued in the comments. Some people see blue and black, and some see white and gold. Which do you see?

gold and white dress

According to a man who goes by the twitter name @BradTheLadLong, it is, in fact, white and gold, but people see blue and black if they are in a negative or depressing mood. This dress was created as a sight test. He wrote, “Scientists have proven then when there is a big event in your life that is having a negative effect on you, your sighting of colors may vary and that is why some people are seeing black and blue. And continued. “It is merely all down to emotions and when the person seeing black and blue checks back another day, they might see the dress in white and gold because their mood has changed from the state they were in when previously viewing the dress.”

Even Taylor Swift took to Twitter, and said, “I don’t understand this odd dress debate and I feel like it’s a trick somehow. I’m confused and scared. PS it’s OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACK.”