Invisible Children Crusaders to Visit Bloomsburg – The Organization Says THIS is the Time


Bloomsburg University received a personal message from Invisible Children crusader, Nate, about his upcoming visit to Bloomsburg University on April 15. The video was created after he and the team missed a conference call last month with the president of the Bloomsburg chapter of Amnesty International, Sarah Beltz, and provides promotional suggestions for their visit.

The video explains how Bloomsburg University can prepare for Nate’s visit on April 15, and what can be expected from the Invisible Children team that day.

The Invisible Children effort is dedicated to rescuing imprised child soldiers of the rebel Lords Resistance Army of northern Uganda. For the past 15 years, over 30,000 children have been abducted from Uganda, the Congo, Central African Republic, and Sudan to fight the longest war in African history. The rebel army is controlled by Joseph Kony, whom the International Criminal Court brands a war criminal.

Invisible Children crusaders believe that only an international demand for justice and freedom will bring the war to an end. The organization has announced that on April 25, that international effort will be made to rescue the 3,000 children currently under captivity and being forced to fight, and bring peace to central Africa.

Nate explains that on March 25, plans for the “Rescue” will be made available. “What that means is on March 25th, we’re going to be releasing a lot of information that I can’t even really talk about yet because it’s not solidified,” said Nate in the video. “But we’re going to be dropping the times, dropping the exact plans for what the rescue is going to look like.”

More can be learned about the imprisonment of child soldiers by Kony, those who lead the crusade against the abductions, and the plan to rescue these children by watching the video at

Watch the personal video from Nate:

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