Interstate 80’s Accidental Gift

To say that Interstate 80 is perhaps one of the greatest roads to travel on in the world is no understatement. Stretching 2899.5 miles, I-80 offers its passengers some of the most scenic views; from the breathtaking Appalachian mountains across the taunting Rockies all the way to the exquisite west coast bay area. For over a third of the Bloomsburg University population, I-80 is their passage way into the grand town of Bloomsburg. Yet what many may not have realized is that beyond the glorious views on the way to school, I-80 offers a second gift. This gift is so subtle and enjoyable its as if the mistake was made on purpose.

Just past mile marker 240, is a sign for Bloomsburg reading “6 miles to Bloomsburg.” A mile and a half later a second sign shows up. “2.5 miles to Bloomsburg.” Two miles have disappeared into thin air. That moment of realization of two miles gone, like the day you find a dollar in your pocket, is a moment of pure bliss. Having reached my 100,000th mile on I-80 today, I was lucky enough to catch the rare bird on camera(photos below). The next time you find yourself riding I-80, be thankful for all it has to give you.

If by chance you find yourself thinking of taking a road trip this summer, hop on I-80 and go west. Ride until the sun comes up, don’t stop until you hit the deep ocean blue. And remember, it wasn’t the destination but it was the road that got you there that made your story so fun to live.

Mile Marker 240(before the first sign)

Only 6 miles to Bloomsburg!

Distance gauge set to zero.

The Second Sign. Only 1.4 miles away. (6- 1.4 does not = 2.5)

Distance Gauge

Mile Marker 238 after the second sign.

Enjoying a night ride on I-80 through Ohio. Try it sometime.