On Dec. 7, I was glad classes were over and the weekend was about to begin with a good start. K-von came to Bloomsburg to perform right before finals week. Program Board members urged Rob Rowinski, the Special Events chair for the organization last semester to bring him on campus.

For those who might not know him, K-von was the star of Disaster Date and now he travels around the globe sharing his comedy. He grew up in Nevada in a multi-cultural family and he pursues a career in comedy and entertainment after graduating from college. He is one of the fastest growing comedians on the scene now.

He gave his last performance of 2012 in the Kehr Union Ballroom at Bloomsburg University.

Over a hundred students showed up for the laughs. As they took their seats in the first 2 rows or the tables provided, the BU DAWN gave out free beverages in the lobby.

The show started with a chip from Disaster Date where K-von went out to dinner with a girl named Randi who hates infomercials. He acted as the guy obsessed with infomercial products whipping out a Magic-Bullet and Sham-Wow during their “date.”

Finally K-von came to the stage and right off was all laughs. The show contains a lot of adult content and college related jokes. He hits it off first about how we text message a lot and what what we send to each other. He jokes about his parent’s background expressing his various accents. During the show he pokes fun at the audience including himself all for a good laugh.

My favorite parts of the show were his accents which kept me cracking up when he did them throughout the show. I love that he’s one of those comedians who doesn’t stand there the whole time; he kept moving around the stage acting along with his jokes. One of them he laid on his stomach on a stool to demonstrate how he was during a sky diving experience he had.

He gave some funny catchphrases during his show also such as “If I cant spank you, no thank you” and “Tanx God.” With that he offers the first audience member that tweets to him will win a “Tanx God” t-shirt.

K-von ended the show with a slide full of real life photos he took including with Snooki and The Situation from Jersey Shore. He joked about the logos and signs in stores such as the old Starbucks logo and restaurant signs. He told Marketing majors in the audience they are in desperate need for society even he since graduated with that degree.

I like how he said at the end of his show that he respected everyone in every race and status at the end of the show.

After the show, majority of the audience came to K-von as he sold his merchandise “Tanx God” shirts and neon sunglasses. Dozens pictures were taken with him by students and shirts were sold out in a snap. Some students stuck around after asking about his MTV show learning about the inside of the show with interest.

When everything died down I  with him in the hallway where the elevators are waiting for Rowinski and his assistants as they put supplies away. I asked him about his thoughts on Bloomsburg and the students here.

“It’s a very nice mixed crowd here. The students here they rushed to the front where other schools play the invisible audience trick.” He said.

I asked if he would come back to Bloomsburg to do another act show here. He responded, ” I would love to come back here. Hoping in 2013 with a goal serving up new jokes and more students would come to see me.”

As we headed down to The Husky after meeting everyone else, he explained to us how he got started with his career in comedy. He started by when he was making jokes around his family at the dinner table. He explained to me that it was those jokes that aren’t funny telling it to your mom but are to hilarious tell everyone else.

As we passed people in the line for the safe-sex bingo event at the multi-cultural room, they were pointing at K-von. They were admiring him and surprised as he was walking down our hallway.

Throughout the night, Bloomsburg students couldn’t stop talking about K-von’s performance. One of the audience members Jack Ward, a sophomore cherished the event “It was hilarious! He covered a lot of topics, wide range of material” the theater major said.

Rowinski gave a statement about K-von “K-von wrapped up a great semester of events”. He also elated how it’s the best semester he had as being in charge of Special Events in Bloomsburg.

Some of my friends later that night were explaining the show to their peers and it didn’t feel the same as what K-von did. Out of all the comedians we had here in Bloomsburg, he is the best one on my list he has character and knows our generation well. If he does come back for another round here in 2013 I will be running to the front row.

K-von summarize for me how this article should end “You missed out on the Dec 7 show and you had to be there for the experience.”