Infamous Pharmaceutical CEO Plans to Destroy Rare Album

Martin Shkreli, 32, has caused quite a stir amongst the public in the past year. He is most famous for raising the prices of a life-changing AIDS medication to the point where no one can afford it.

As if the general public couldn’t hate him enough, Shkreli was revealed as the buyer who paid $2 million for one of the rarest albums in the world: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin by famed rap group Wu Tang Clan.

Now, what is so rare about this album, you ask? There is only one physical copy of this album. In the world. Just one.


This album has 31 tracks on it; it took several years  for this album to be made. According to a source, there are special guests and appearances on the album. One in particular is the legendary Cher. Wu Tang has put a copyright on the album that prevents it from being used for commercial purposes. That copyright lasts for the next 88 years.

(Photo above: The rare Wu Tang album. Yes, it has its own briefcase). 

So yeah, this album is a pretty big deal. Shkreli had the arrogance to say that he would “save the album for a rainy day.”

3600In December of 2015, some justice was done, but not in regards to the AIDS medication price or the Wu Tang album. Shkreli was arrested in his Manhattan apartment by the FBI for a Ponzi scheme.

(Right photo: Shkreli’s arrest in Dec. 2015.) 

Happy ending to this story, right? No. Last week Shkreli told Vice that he plans to destroy the rare Wu Tang album that so many fans are dying over.

In that same Vice interview, he states that he would “do fine in prison” and how he loves to be hated by the general public. He finds it hilarious.

Keep in mind, Donald Trump called this 32-year-old “a spoiled brat” and also used the word “disgrace.” In addition, Bernie Sanders rejected a campaign donation that was given to him.

The internet calls Shkreli (these are the internet’s words, not mine) “Pharmadouche.”

If I had that nickname, and I was rejected by Bernie Sanders AND Donald Trump, I would check myself, Mr. Shkreli.

If Shkreli was such a Wu Tang fan, then he would know that the rap group clearly states in their 1993 anthem, that “Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F*** With.” But here we are, watching Shkreli f*** with them, pharmaceuticals, the music industry, and us. Way to go, you are the most hated man on the planet, even with Donald Trump still walking this earth.