I Went to Trump-Pence Rallies, and This is What Happened

Since the very start of this presidential campaign, there has been a lot of controversy, especially in the area of Donald Trump. Yet attendance for his rallies was impressively high.

I have seen media coverage of violence and lewd behavior occurring at Trump rallies. Trump’s campaign, and supporters claim that the media is corrupt, with a common chant at rallies being, “CNN sucks!” So I decided to head out and see it for myself.

Geneva, Ohio — Trump held a rally at 7 p.m. in Ashtabula County, making it the first time a presidential candidate has visited the county since 1960.

Trump’s campaign gives out an unlimited number of tickets for his events, making it impossible for all attendees to make it into the building. Like many others waiting in line, we found ourselves turned away. They had reached max capacity.

“We’re never going to get in,” said a man in front of us.

locked-out   Raven Kline and James Grisom of Bloomsburg, Pa. locked out of the rally in Geneva, Ohio.   

Disheartened, we made our way back to the car after a security guard began telling the crowd to go home.

Just before we had made our way out of the parking lot, we saw no other than the man himself, Donald Trump. He made an appearance, waving to his supporters before heading back inside of the building to make his speech. The crowd cheered, despite being locked out of the rally.

“Lock her up!” “Drain the swamp!”  and “USA! USA!” were among some of their favorite chants. But regardless of the appearance, we were still not going to get into the rally, so we decided to head to Bensalem, Pennsylvania where Mike Pence was going to be speaking the next day.

Bensalem, Pa. — At 2 p.m. Pence held a rally at TC Millwork Inc. Pence addressed issues such as Obamacare, opening his argument with a statement from Bill Clinton, saying, ”We are going to do away with what former President Bill Clinton calls the ‘craziest thing in the world.’”

Pence continued with another statement on the issue, calling it “really heartbreaking news for American families.”

He gave a statistic saying, ”next year alone, the premiums, the average premiums, in Obamacare, are going to go up 25%.” The crowd booed. He ended with this statement, “I guess even with the Clintons, sometimes truth happens.” The crowd went wild, and he continued, “But don’t be deceived by Bill Clinton’s new found skepticism. Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton told you where she stands on Obamacare. She said, and I quote, ‘Before they called it Obamacare, they called it Hillary care.’”

He went on to remind the crowd that whoever becomes the next President “will likely set the course and direction of the Supreme Court, of the United States for the next forty years.” He then pointed the finger at Hillary, stating that the Supreme Court is not meant to be representative, but to uphold the constitution.

He concluded his speech with this quote, “This election isn’t so much a choice between left and right, it’s not even a choice so much between Republican and Democrat. It’s like Ronald Reagan said in 1964, ‘I believe it’s a choice between up or down.'” trump-rally

Scranton, Pa.— Donald Trump held his final rally the night before Election Day, in Lackawanna College, on Nov. 7, at 5:30 p.m.

The line for the event was wrapped around the street, with vendors yelling of discounted merchandise.

“These hats were twenty dollars!” One man yelled, “but I’ll give you them for ten since it’s the last night!”

“I’ll give you anything on this table for ten dollars!” another man shouted.

“Buttons! Buttons! Six for five dollars!” proclaimed another.

The line shuffled past, many stopping to buy merchandise for the rally.

“C’mon! Don’t let yourself walk into the rally without wearing the red, white and blue!” The last vendor before the doors hollered.

Finally inside, there was a bag check and metal detector rally attenders had to pass through. Once past security, there were two flights of steps, leading to the room where Trump was to speak.

It was dimly lit, with supporters surrounding each side of the room. Red, white and blue lights waved around the crowd. Songs played; the crowd sang along, some even held up phones with their flashlights turned on, waving them around like lighters. One group in the top row, clad in gear to look like the American flag, started doing the wave, and the rest of the crowd followed, building the hype.

Trump had several guest speakers at the rally, including Lou Barletta, Thomas Marino, and even Kris Paronto, a Benghazi veteran.

Paranto gave a vivid description that touched the hearts of the crowd when he spoke on the shocking events of Benghazi. Paranto became teary eyed when he spoke of his fallen brothers. “Forgive me,” he said, “I get a little emotional still after three years of this, I, I do. I feel it, but we didn’t lose anyone in Benghazi right?”

He painted the picture of the battle scene: “This was our fifth attack that night. After requesting support, requesting air support, and not getting it. And during this whole time frame, Hillary’s deciding, should we put the marines in civilian clothes, or should we put the marines in uniforms?”

Paranto recounted the moment he almost lost hope, “My mind says your team just turned to dust. And I did drop my head for a second, I did. I went, we can’t beat this, we don’t got air support. Even though I asked for it at 9:37, even though I asked for it at midnight, and I asked for it at three o’clock in the morning.”

He went on to say that they were saved by the Gadhafi loyalists. A group that Hillary Clinton and Obama claimed were the bad guys.

He narrated another part of that awful night, remembering a marine named Oz, struggling to hold up his own gun after his arm was blown off.  When asked what he was thinking, Oz said, “Man, I just didn’t want to let you guys down. Even though we were getting let down in D.C. because nobody was gonna come, because ya know, Benghazi didn’t happen.”

Paranto claimed he was fed up of being continually being lied to about what took place in Benghazi, and apparently, the crowd was too.

“She’s a liar!” Members of the crowd proclaimed. her-lies-matter-pic

When Trump took the stage, he began telling the crowd the states he believed he was leading in.

“Oh, we’re going to have a great victory folks.” He said. ”Look at these people, and look at this enthusiasm.”

He spoke on Hillary Clinton’s “corruption” and the supposed “rigged system.”

“They say we’re tied in Pennsylvania; I don’t think so. I think we’re going to blow them out tomorrow.” And folks, it may not have been by a landslide, but he did win Pennsylvania.

                                                    A man holds a sign at the rally in Scranton, Pa.

Trump spoke on his usual agenda, bringing back jobs, cutting taxes, improving inner city areas, and closing the borders.

Oh, and if  you’re wondering how he’s going to build that wall, he says he’s going to pay for it himself.

Congratulations, Trump.  I don’t believe anyone thought you’d ever make it this far. You were certainly underestimated. truuuuuuuummmmmmmpppppp